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Addiction and Brain Recovery Program

Dr. Brent Korn, DO
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New Life Medical is an outpatient facility that treats addictions and brain deficiencies. New Life Medical believes in treating the whole person including all three spheres of man, the physical, the spiritual, and the mental. New life Medical is an outpatient facility looking to treat people who are struggling with addictions. New Life Medical is a clinic for people who have tried everything available to treat their own addictions but still have not been able to break free. New life medical believes we have the answer for you. We believe many people would rather try an outpatient treatment first, to see how it works, before being locked away in an inpatient facility. Brain chemical imbalance can be caused by a deficiency of amino acids, proper testing and natural therapies may correct this condition. Other alternative, complimentary and conventional therapies are available and we welcome the opportunity to tell you more about Dr. Korn and our fresh approach to integrative medicine.

This is an out-patient facility looking to treat people who would really like to get free but not have been able to. We believe we have the answer for you. We believe many people would rather try an outpatient treatment first to see how it works before being locked away in an inpatient facility. We are looking to restore the brain and body chemistry.

Brain chemical imbalance can be caused by a deficiency of amino acids, proper testing and natural therapies may correct this condition. Other alternative, complimentary and conventional therapies are available and we welcome the opportunity to tell you more about Dr. Korn and our fresh approach to integrative medicine.

Staying healthy is one of our goals at New Life Medical, Proper screening of hormones, and thyroid is important. The values can be brought back into balance with the use of bio identical natural hormones. Ask for an appointment to get your hormones tested.

Addiction Treatment in Gilbert, Arizona

If you or a loved one has been suffering with an Addiction or if you believe that you have a brain or chemical imbalance our Arizona Outpatient Addiction treatment center offers comprehensive medical treatment to combat this condition. Our Medical Center is a state-of-the-art medical facility that provides the most up-to-date and effective medical therapies and technology for the treatment of your disease. We advise you to contact a patient coordinator at our medical center to schedule an appointment with an expert doctor who can advise you about our treatment program and how it can benefit you. Our alternative care program addresses your disease by treating all aspects of your condition, including contributing physical, mental, and spiritual factors. Our Arizona outpatient Addiction Treatment center serves patients locally as well as from all over from the world.

New Life Medical's Approach To Treat Addictions & Brain Recovery

Integrative medicine is a style of medicine that combines the best of traditional and natural medicine. The goal of integrative medicine is to achieve optimal healing and wellness by all means possible from the best of both medical worlds. New Life medical utilizes several different therapies to treat addictions and brain deficiencies such as nueronutrients, I.V. therapies, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, homeopathy, detoxification, natural pain relief, massage, and diet and lifestyle changes. New Life Medicals approach to treating addiction is to treat the whole person with an emphasis on the spirit. New Life medicals goal is to treat and bring healing to all three spheres of man, the physical, the spiritual, and the mental. New Life Medical is an authority and expert in treating addictions and brain deficiencies. New life medical has proven results treating many patients over the past 12 years.

Detoxification From Toxic Chemicals Substances & Food

New Life Medical believes that many addicts are not only addicted to the substances they are abusing but also to the toxic chemicals and GMO poisons that are present in those substances such as tobacco and alcohol. The person begins to crave more of those chemicals. New life Medicals goal is to remove all of those toxic substances and then begin the healing process. New Life Medical Addiction patients require detoxification support in three main areas, liver detox support, detox of neurotoxins released during treatment , and heavy metal detox. Many people are intolerant of detox regimens and so this must be addressed gently. Liver and kidney herbs can support medication-associated toxic stress. For neurotoxins New Life medical offers the best in powerful all natural remedies including raw fiber supplements to remove poisons and chemicals from the brain. Heavy metals toxicity is often present in many patients. New life medical recommends provocative heavy metals testing for all patients. New life medical utilizes and recommends the ozone sauna, the Infrared sauna, Epsom salts baths, colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage.

MSG - The Addiction You Never Knew You Had

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer commonly used in foods we eat every day. MSG has been used for close to one hundred years to enhance the flavor of foods. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) classified MSG as a food ingredient and has deemed it "generally recognized as safe." Glutamate is a natural substance that is found in meat, vegetables, poultry and milk. The human body also produces glutamate naturally. Glutamate in the body plays an important role in normal functioning of the nervous system

How Does Monosodium Glutamate Act In The Body?

Some of us may have thought Monosodium Glutamate is a preservative or contains some nutritional value. The truth is it does nothing to food aside from enhancing the flavor. In fact, MSG is an "excitotoxin" or neurotoxin that has a degenerative effect on the brain and nervous system.

Monosodium Glutamate enters the brain through membranes in the mouth and enters the bloodstream as foods containing MSG are digested. MSG is created artificially using processes that break down and change natural-bound glutamate, which the body produces, into free forms of glutamate. These free glutamates can sometimes enter the bloodstream up to 10 times faster than bound or natural glutamates.

Over the last fifty years, food processors have steady increased the amount of MSG added to foods. One of the primary and most consistent effects of MSG and other excitotoxins is triggering "an insulin/adrenalin/fat storage/food craving response." That response is what causes the, "I'm hungry again an hour after I eat Chinese food," quandary. It is also why some of us crave potato chips and other snack foods that contain monosodium glutamate, even though we're full.

What Are the Effects of Monosodium Glutamate on the Body?

In a report, "Sensory And Autonomic Nerve Changes In The Msg-Treated Rat : A Model Of Type II Diabetes" by Morrison JF, Shehab S, Sheen R, Dhanasekaran S, Shaffiullah M, Mensah-Brown E At UAE University, we learn, "There was also a significant increase in adrenal adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin, largely attributable to changes of weight of the adrenal gland in the MSG animals. 5. The results indicate that MSG-treated animals develop a form of Type II diabetes by about 60 weeks of age."

America is experiencing an obesity epidemic! If rats become obese through consumption of unnatural amounts of monosodium glutamate, it's not a big leap to attribute the same response in the human body. The fact of the matter is, MSG causes us to crave the foods processed with MSG-and a majority of processed and prepackaged foods now contain monosodium glutamate. In fact, monosodium glutamate is a crucial ingredient in low-fat and non-fat foods since much of the natural flavors are lost when oil extracted.

One characteristic of the obesity induced by excitotoxins is that it doesn't appear to depend on food intake. This could explain why some people cannot diet away their obesity," according to Dr. Russell L. Blaylock in his book Excitotoxins.

What Foods Contain MSG?

The average person eats much more glutamate than what is considered to be a safe and normal amount in the typical American diet. You may not see Monosodium glutamate or MSG on the list of ingredients in many of the foods you buy. That's because the food industry has figured out other names for monosodium glutamate! Beware! When these words appear on the label, the food product contains MSG: monopotassium glutamate, hydrolyzed plant protein, yeast extract, autolyzed plant protein, glutamic acid, sodium caseinate, autolyzed yeast, textured protein, gelatin, calcium caseinate. Even some so-called natural or healthy foods contain monosodium glutamate labeled as yeast extract.

Foods that often contain MSG or create MSG during processing will be listed as: natural pork flavoring, bouillon, natural beef flavoring, whey protein concentrate, whey protein, whey protein isolate, maltodextrin, ultra-pasteurized, barley malt, protease, protease enzymes, soy sauce, soy protein, anything protein fortified, natural flavor(s), seasonings.

The pharmaceutical industry also uses MSG, and sugar, to improve the taste of some otherwise bitter drugs. Monosodium glutamate was used in powdered baby formula until the 1960's when it was determined MSG had detrimental neurological impact on the brain of infants.

What Are the Symptoms of MSG Allergy or Sensitivity?

Often MSG reactivity is called the "Chinese Food Syndrome" because of the physical symptoms that some people often experience after eating Chinese food. Some of the most common symptoms of MSG sensitivity or allergy include headache, sometimes called MSG headache, flushing, numbness or tingling in or around the mouth, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, muscle tightening, or lightheadedness, migraines and even mood changes.

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Monosodium Glutamate Consumption?

Studies have been somewhat inconclusive, though many in the scientific community believe that some neurological orders and behavioral issues may be caused by monosodium glutamate. Attention deficit disorder, anxiety attacks, neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson's and even autism may be caused by or intensified by severe allergy or sensitivity to monosodium glutamate.

The only way to ensure limited consumption of monosodium glutamate is to eat food that is not highly-processed or prepackaged, avoid Chinese foods, and foods that contain any of the ingredients provided in this article. Eat foods that are as close to their source as possible. Learn to use spices and creatively combine foods to achieve full-flavored, satisfying meals.

Your Success Involves Maintanence & Physician Follow Ups

One of the most common problems with addiction is relapse. Many addicts are treated and sent home from their perspective treatment facilities only to return right back to their old ways and addictions. This can be combated by persistence and continual care with physician follow ups, spiritual counseling and deliverance from a New Life Medical recommended Pastor and a our specially tailored home maintenance program for the patient to continue care at home. At New Life Medical after a patient has been successfully treated in our clinic we then place you on an individualized customized, maintenance program that you can continue from your own home. Total healing can take persistence depending on the severity and length of one's addictions. Patients that have completed successful treatment in our clinic are then scheduled with regular physician follow ups to make sure optimal health and wellness is achieved. For out of town patients we conveniently schedule regular phone consultation follow ups with one of our physicians. Please contact New Life Medical today. We want to help you.

Medical Definition of Addiction

A compulsive physiological need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly : persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be physically, psychologically, or socially harmful—compare habituation

10 Most Common Addictions

There are a number of substances and activities that a person can become addicted to, but are you familiar with the 10 most common addictions? Take a look at this list of addictions and see if you agree:

1. Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is readily available, and a legal substance for adults to use. Prolonged or excessive use can lead to a problem with addiction. Use of alcohol in relatively small amounts can impair an individual's ability to drive a motor vehicle safely, and is a factor in crimes involving violence, including spousal and child abuse.

2. Smoking

Technically, a smoker is not addicted to cigarettes, but rather the nicotine they contain. This highly-addictive substance is the reason why smoking is such a difficult habit to give up.

3. Drug Addiction

Drug addiction includes both illegal substances and legal drugs. The problem is the same, whether your drug of choice is readily available by prescription or not.

4. Gambling

Many people enjoy participating in a game of chance in hope of winning some money or another prize. When it becomes a compulsive activity that the individual is unable to stop, despite the fact that continuing to gamble is creating problems, that is a sign that the person has become addicted to gambling.

5. Food Addiction

Food is something that we all need to survive, and eating should be an enjoyable experience. A food addict is unable to control his or her eating during certain times and uses food as a way to deal with feelings of sadness, depression, or anxiety.

6. Video Games

A video game addict plays video games to the extent that this activity intrudes on his or her life. The most addictive video games are the ones where players assume the identity of a character in the game and are able to interact with other players.

7. Internet Addiction

The Internet can be a wonderful resource. We can look for information, read news and blogs, and interact virtually with people from all over the world. We can do our banking and shop online as well. Internet use turns into Internet addiction when an individual wants to be online all the time. If you feel anxious or upset when you are not able to be online, it may be a sign that you have developed an Internet addiction.

8. Sex Addiction

Having an addiction to sex has nothing to do with your sex drive (or lack thereof). While it's normal to have a healthy interest in sexual activity, a person with an addiction to sex is likely engaging in risky sexual behavior to feel their compulsion. They may be visiting prostitutes, having affairs, picking up strangers to have sex with, exposing themselves or looking in windows to satisfy their urges.

9. Shopping

For some people, compulsive shopping is an all-too-real problem. They use this activity as a way to deal with emotional and other problems in their lives. This excessive shopping may lead to financial problems, as well as relationship issues with the compulsive shopper's spouse or partner.

10. Work Addiction

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Treating the Spiritual Side of Addictions

To properly treat addictions New Life Medical believes in treating all three spheres of man, the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. To treat the spiritual side of a man who is struggling with addictions, New Life Medical highly recomends the deliverance ministry of Pastor David F. Middleton of Jesus is Lord Outreach. Pastor Middleton continually ministers in Healing, Deliverance, & Counseling at his church, Jesus is Lord Outreach located in nearby Phoenix Arizona. He has ministered in excess of 15,000 hours of deliverance over the past 28 years and has seen the Lord heal believers of physical ailments, of blindness, deafness, dumbness, cancer, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, allergies, and asthma among many physical healings. He also has seen the Lord set believers free from paranoia, schizophrenia, depression, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, deep-seated emotional hurts & wounds, and other mental and emotional problems. Others have been delivered from various addictive and compulsive bondages such as alcohol, drugs, nicotine, and gluttony. He also has published a 12 page pamphlet called "Good News For You" which teaches and preaches the gospel of salvation, receiving the Holy Spirit, healing, deliverance, testimonies of healing and deliverance, and an exhortation to all to receive Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior and walk with Him all of the days of their life. Over 250,000 "Good News For You" pamphlets have been distributed person-to-person and house-to-house. He also plays the keyboard and has led praise and worship for 31 years at Jesus Is Lord Outreach Center.

Why Choose New Life Medical

  • Addiction and brain deficiencies experts
  • 12 years treating addictions and brain deficiencies
  • Therapies with proven results
  • Dr. Brent Korn , D.O. is a board certified Internal Medicine specialist with current hospital privileges
  • Many clinics only use naturopathic Doctors
  • We utilize the latest in evidence based medicine with ongoing education and training to bring about the latest in cutting edge treatments
  • Physician follow ups and at home maintenance protocols after successful treatment is completed
  • Individualized , customized, treatment protocols from doctors who care
  • We offer treatments other clinics do not
  • We have a well trained caring friendly medical staff
  • We have some of the most competitive pricing in the industry
  • We offer financing
  • Most clinics in this field are only cash and carry
  • Superior detoxification programs
  • Superior supplements and products
  • BBB accredited with a five star rating
  • Located in beautiful family friendly Gilbert Arizona with an average of 296 days of sunshine each year
  • We offer the red carpet treatment for out of town patient accommodations
  • Located within minutes of shopping, restaurants, hotels and major freeways
  • A beautiful newly remodeled building
  • An at home family type comfortable atmosphere and feel
  • Special amenities such as cable television , a 55 inch big screen , a quiet room , brand new extra comfortable patient treatment chairs , and soothing himalayan salt lamps
  • We believe in the treatment of all three spheres of man, the physical, the mental, and the spiritual.

With all this why go anywhere else. Please contact New Life Medical today. We can help you!






Prescription drug abuse is a growing national epidemic. Addiction, overdoses and deaths involving non-medical prescription drug use, especially narcotic pain relievers, have risen dramatically over the last decade. A recent study estimated that in 2006 the total cost in the United States of nonmedical use of prescription opioids was $53.4 billion (Hansen et al. (2011) Economic costs of nonmedical use of prescription opioids. Clinical Journal of Pain, 2:3). Of this total, $42 billion was attributable to lost productivity, $8.2 billion to criminal justice costs, $2.2 billion to drug abuse treatment, and $944 million to medical complications. Given that indicators of prescription drug abuse (e.g., overdoses, deaths, emergency department visits and treatment admissions) have increased since 2006, and that opioids are just one class of abused prescription drugs, current costs stemming from their illicit use are likely to be substantially greater. Below we present findings that illustrate the scope and seriousness of the prescription drug abuse epidemic. We will update this page as new information becomes available.


Drug-related poisonings are now the leading cause of death due to unintentional injuries in the United States, having surpassed motor vehicle accidents in 2009, according to a Los Angeles Times analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (article, data chart, interactive map). The number of unintentional overdose deaths per year involving opioid pain relievers (e.g., oxycodone and hydrocodone) nearly quadrupled from 1999 to 2007, rising from 2,900 to 11,500, while overdose deaths due to these drugs in 2007 were nearly twice those due to cocaine, and over 5 times those due to heroin (CDC). In Florida, according to medical examiner data, the death rate from oxcycodone increased 265% betweem 2003 and 2009 (CDC). From 2004 to 2009, emergency department visits in the U.S. related to the misuse or abuse of oxycodone rose 242%, hydrocodone 124%, and all pharmaceuticals 98%, while those for illicit drugs declined slightly (Drug Abuse Warning Network).


Every day in the US, 2,500 youth (12 to 17) abuse a prescription pain reliever for the first time.

Prescription drug abuse, while most prevalent in the US, is a problem in many areas around the world including Europe, Southern Africa and South Asia. In the US alone, more than 15 million people abuse prescription drugs, more than the combined number who reported abusing cocaine, hallucinogens, inhalants and heroin.

In 2006 in the United States, 2.6 million people abused prescription drugs for the first time.

A 2007 survey in the US found that 3.3% of 12- to 17-year-olds and 6% of 17- to 25-year-olds had abused prescription drugs in the past month.

Prescription drug abuse causes the largest percentage of deaths from drug overdosing. Of the 22,400 drug overdose deaths in the US in 2005, opioid painkillers were the most commonly found drug, accounting for 38.2% of these deaths.

In 2005, 4.4 million teenagers (aged 12 to 17) in the US admitted to taking prescription painkillers, and 2.3 million took a prescription stimulant such as Ritalin. 2.2 million abused over-the-counter drugs such as cough syrup. The average age for first-time users is now 13 to 14.


Depressants, opioids and antidepressants are responsible for more overdose deaths (45%) than cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and amphetamines (39%) combined. In the United States, the most deaths used to take place in inner cities in African-American neighborhoods, but they have now been overtaken by white rural communities. The same trend can be seen in the rates of hospitalization for substance abuse and emergency hospitalization for overdoses. Of the 1.4 million drug-related emergency room admissions in 2005, 598,542 were associated with abuse of pharmaceuticals alone or with other drugs.

By survey, almost 50% of teens believe that prescription drugs are much safer than illegal street drugs—60% to 70% say that home medicine cabinets are their source of drugs.

According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, teens who abuse prescription drugs are twice as likely to use alcohol, five times more likely to use marijuana, and twelve to twenty times more likely to use illegal street drugs such as heroin, Ecstasy and cocaine than teens who do not abuse prescription drugs.

In 2007, the Drug Enforcement Administration found that abuse of the painkiller Fentanyl killed more than 1,000 people that year in the US. It is thirty to fifty times more powerful than heroin.



The words "pharmacy" and "pharmaceutical" are derived from the Greek word, pharmakeia (Strong's G5331). This word is found in the Bible in the following passages of scripture.

Galatians 5:19-21- Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery (pharmakeia), enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions,envying, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you, just as I have forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Revelation 18:23- and the light of a lamp will not shine in you (the great city Babylon) any longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you any longer; for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations (ethnos) were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia).

The Heritage Bible interprets the phrase "because all the nations were deceived by your pharmakeia" as "...because in your spell inducing drugs all the races were led astray."

We hope this page was informative as well as helpful.

God Bless, New Life Medical

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