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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my insurance cover the cost of the treatments?
  2. New Life Medical offers billing service through our highly trained collection company. However, natural treatment and supplements are not covered by insurance. If you have insurance questions please ask to speak to one of our insurance advisors. Cancer is a break down in the immune system, an attack on the body’s cells, possibly even caused by a primary bacteria or virus, if you have been told that you have cancer you have alternative choices, IPT or low dose chemotherapy is one choice, the medication is one 10th of the standard medication, but the administration is different, we use the blood supply from the tumor and the increased number of receptor sites on a tumor to deliver the chemo medication into the targeted cells. For more information ask for one of our trained staff to explain the procedure of IPT.
  1. Why do you need American health plans?
  2. American health plans save you money on health related expenses. By contracting New Life Medical as your health related Center we will help to save you money by educating your valued employee on ways alternative medicine can keep them well by increasing their own immunity.

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