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Essential Minerals

It's always important to supplement your diet with a good mineral supplement because: 1) physical or emotional stress causes a drain on the body's resource of minerals, and a mineral deficiency can result in illness. 2) According to the 1992 Earth Summit Report, America's soil has suffered an 85% mineral depletion in the last 100 years, which means we're only getting a fraction of the minerals we need from our food.

It's especially important to take a mineral supplement when you're doing chelation therapy. Since EDTA is so effective at clearing debris from the arteries, it may result in the depletion of certain elements, as well. That's why it's recommended you take a broad-spectrum mineral supplement when using Advanced Formula EDTA Oral Chelation. You should take the minerals and the Advanced Formula at different times of day: Advanced Formula should be taken with meals, and the Minerals should be taken in between meals on an empty stomach or at night before bed.

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