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At New Life Medical, we offer alternative treatments for the following conditions:

New Life Medical offers natural whole food supplements for all of our patients. Homeopathic testing is done on a FDA approved machine called the Biomeridian. This machine will tell if there is an imbalance in the body. The test takes approx one hour and a highly trained Homeopathic MA performs the test. Results are given the same day and, when needed, homeopathic remedies are given.

A complete physical exam is done by MD, DO, or Naturopathic Physician. At which time the Physicians will order proper testing.

Screening for primary medical conditions are done thought the most advanced laboratories. Certain bacterial and viral conditions can be shown through advanced blood studies. A diagnosis of cancer, heart disease, stroke, scleroderma, arthritis, and chronic fatigue are possibly secondary symptoms to a primary infection in the body. Intracellular testing is done daily at the New Life Medical Center.

Oxidative and anti-oxidative IV therapies are used to increases the immune system. Chelation is used in cases to replace bypass surgery, calculated formulas are used to bind up heavy metals and calcemic blockages.

Detoxification is a very important part of a person's complete healing. At New Life Medical we use a Foot detoxification unit as one way to remove stored toxins in the body. The person sits inside a comfortable chamber with their feet immersed into a unit that simulates the thousands of sweat glands to release toxins. Other types of detox include coffee enemas, liver and kidney cleanses.

Hereditary testing is done to determine pre-cursing genes of disease and additions. Customized care plans are put together for individuals with positive results. Educating the patient in preventative measures may be the best medicine of all.

Osteopathic manipulations are done by a physician. Areas of adjustment include head, neck, back, extremities, feet, and small joints. Ultrasound is used with a combination of anti-inflammatory creams and pain relievers. Natural remedies are also used with great results.

Brain chemical imbalance can be caused by a deficiency of amino acids, proper testing and natural therapies may correct this condition. Other alternative, complimentary and conventional therapies are available and we welcome the opportunity to tell you more about Dr. Korn and our fresh approach to integrative medicine.

Staying healthy is one of our goals at New Life Medical, Proper screening of hormones, and thyroid is important. The values can be brought back into balance with the use of bio identical natural hormones. Ask for an appointment to get your hormones tested.

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