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Heart Disease

American's daily intake of magnesium has gone down from about 500mg daily to around 150mg or so. Plotting the curve of this decline allows an interesting observation: the downward curve very much looks like the inverse of a curve representing the tremendous increase in heart attack since 1900.

Using special testing instruments to analyze a unique portion of a person's blood magnesium-called ionized magnesium, people with heart attack and stroke seemed to have very low levels of this fraction of one's total magnesium.

Further testing shows lowered ionized magnesium caused intense spasm in the tiny muscle cells of the arteries. These cells help regulate how widely open the channel of the artery is. The spasm causes a narrowing of the channels, and after a while, it causes the artery lining cells to separate, rather than joining together tightly as they should. The separation enables cholesterol, calcium, and platelets, to enter into the artery wall. There a growth, or lump enlarges to block arteries.

The use of an oral supplement daily along with a proper diet and keep the magnesium level at a proper balance.

Treatment for heart disease, stroke or diabetes can be greatly improved with the treatment of IV Chelation, Oxygen, detox, a balanced diet, supplements and exercise program including cardiovascular, stretching, and free weights,your patient coordinator will help to make all the arrangements for your 90 day program.

Biomeridian is a machine that is FDA approved and tests acupuncture points. If there is anything in your body out of balance this machine will tell you what Homeopathic remedy or nutrient your body is needing. The machine also tests for allergies.

Chelation is and IV treatment used to remove heavy metals that are toxic to the body it is also used for anti aging effects to quench free radicals and for people with blocked arteries. It is an anti oxidant therapy that helps the body detox. I is also used in children or adults for the binding up of lead poisoning.

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