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If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer and you are looking for an alternative natural cancer treatment, we recommend that you contact a medical team member at our Arizona Cancer Medical Center. Our Medical Center utilizes the latest and best in effective medical therapies and technology for the treatment of all kinds of cancer. Our natural alternative cancer care program uses all natural methods to address your medical condition by helping you heal in all aspects of your life which may be contributing to your disease, including physically, mentally, and spiritually. A customized care plan is devised for our patients by our medical team of specialists which is delivered using our state-of-the-art facilities and technologies. Our Arizona cancer treatment center serves patients from all over the world.

New Life Medical's Approach to Cancer Treatment

Integrative medicine is a style of medicine that combines the best of traditional and natural medicine. The goal of integrative medicine is to reach optimal wellness by all means possible from the best of both medical worlds. New Life medical utilizes several different therapies to treat cancer such as potent all natural I.V. therapies, hydrogen peroxide, ozone therapies, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, light phototherapy, nutritional supplementation, herbal plant based medicine, detoxification, all natural pain relief, as well as diet and lifestyle changes. New Life medicals goal in treating cancer is to bring healing to all three spheres of man, the physical, the mental and the spiritual. New Life Medical is an authority and expert in treating cancer. New life medical has successfully treated many cancer patients over the last 12 years.

Detoxification For Cancer

New Life Medical believes that all cancer patients are filled with many different types of toxins, poisons, heavy metals, and bacterias, making it very hard for them to recover. New Life medical believes that most people particularly cancer patients are filled with GMO poisons and cancers that must be addressed and detoxed during treatment so the patients can make a full recovery. New life Medicals goal is to remove all of those toxic substances and then begin the healing process. New Life Medicals cancer patients require detoxification support in three main areas, liver detox support, detox of neurotoxins released during treatment , and heavy metal detox. Many people are intolerant of detox regimens and so this must be addressed gently. Liver and kidney herbs can support medication-associated toxic stress. For neurotoxins New Life medical offers the best in powerful all natural remedies including raw fiber supplements to remove poisons and chemicals from the brain. Heavy metals toxicity is often present in many patients. New life medical recommends provocative heavy metals testing for all patients. New life medical utilizes and recommends detoxifying IV therapies, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, light phototherapy, Infrared saunas, organic salts baths, colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage.

Your Success Involves Maintanence & Physician Follow Ups

One of the most common problems with cancer is its tenacity and complexity. Many cancer sufferers are treated and told they are cancer free only for their cancer to return.This can be defeated by persistence, lifestyle changes, continual care with physician follow ups and an at home maintenance program. At New Life Medical after a patient has been successfully treated in our clinic we then place you on an individualized customized, maintenance program that you can continue from your own home. One must remember that in many cases the cancer may have been growing in a persons body for many years. Early detection is key. Full eradication can take patience and persistence depending on the severity and length of one's cancer. Patients that have completed successful treatment in our clinic are then scheduled with regular physician follow ups to make sure optimal health and wellness is achieved. For out of town patients we conveniently schedule regular phone consultation follow ups with one of our physicians. Please contact New Life Medical today. We want to help you.

Cancer An Epidemic

U. S. National Cancer Institute Manipulates Cancer Statistics

  • "Make Statistics look good"
  • Statistics determine funding

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has claimed to be winning the war on cancer. Last March, newspapers across the country dutifully heralded a decline in cancer incidence and mortality, citing the latest annual report of the National Cancer Institute. The report credited the decline to lifestyle changes, improved detection, and reduced smoking.

Despite such celebrated claims of progress against the disease, the facts tell a different story. Reversal in overall mortality rates has been minimal and due largely to a reduction in lung cancer deaths from reduced smoking in men rather than to advances in treatment. Overall five-year survival rates for all cancers have remained virtually static since 1970, from 49 to 54 percent for all races combined, and from 39 to 40 percent for African Americans. Dr. John Bailar, formerly an epidemiologist at the NCI and now chair of the Department of Health Studies at the University of Chicago, has found that reduced mortality rates are more likely the result of earlier detection and diagnosis rather than improved cancer treatments.

Meanwhile, cancer incidence has escalated to epidemic proportions over recent decades, with lifetime risks in the United States now reaching one in two for men and one in three for women. In 2000, more than 1.2 million new cancer diagnoses are expected, and some 550,000 Americans will die from the disease. The overall increase of all cancers from 1950 to 1995 was 55 percent, of which lung cancer accounted for about a quarter. Meanwhile, the incidence of a wide range of non-smoking cancers, such as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and adult brain cancer, is increasing at proportionately greater rates, including an alarming rise in childhood cancer of over 20 percent.

Longer life expectancy cannot explain these increases, as incidence and mortality rates in cancer registries are age-adjusted to reflect these trends. Nor can the epidemic be attributed primarily to poor lifestyle habits. Smoking is clearly the single most important cause of cancer, but lung cancer rates for men are declining because men are smoking less. (Rates for women are about the same, as the number of women smokers has remained steady.) And while a high-fat diet may increase risk by passing on toxic chemicals that accumulate in fatty tissues, fat per se cannot be incriminated as a major cause of cancer, in sharp contrast to heart disease. In Mediterranean countries, where up to 40 percent of the average person's diet is composed of olive oil, breast cancer rates are low, and epidemiological studies over the past two decades have consistently failed to establish any causal relationship between breast cancer and fat consumption.

Finally, rising rates cannot be attributed to genetic factors. Not only do genetic factors alone account for relatively few cancers, the genetics of human populations cannot possibly have changed within the past few decades. And in what may be the largest study ever to compare the role of genes versus environment in cancer, Dr. Paul Lichtenstein and his colleagues reported in The New England Journal of Medicine last July that "the overwhelming contributor to the causation of cancer in the populations of twins that we studied was the environment."

What then is driving the modern cancer epidemic? Study after study points to the role of runaway industrial technologies, particularly those based on petrochemicals. The explosive growth of the petrochemical industry since the 1940s has far outpaced legislative and regulatory controls, producing a dizzying array of synthetic chemicals that have never been screened for human health effects: of the roughly 75,000 chemicals in use today, only some 3 percent have been tested for safety. For over fifty years, in other words, the American public has been unknowingly exposed to avoidable carcinogens from the moment of conception until death.

Over recent decades, the incidence of cancer has escalated to epidemic proportions (1), now striking nearly one in two men (44%) and more than one in three women (39%). This increase translates into approximately 56% more cancer in men and 22% more cancer in women over the course of a single generation (2). As admitted by recent NCI and ACS estimates, the number of cancer cases will increase still further because of the growth and aging of the population, dramatically doubling by 2050 (3).

From 1973 to 1999 (a 26-year period), based on the latest (now three years old) available data (1), the overall incidence of cancers (expressed as the numbers per 100,000 population), adjusted to reflect the aging population, has increased by approximately 24%.

Although the overall incidence of lung cancer increased by 30%, it decreased by 6% in men and increased by 143% in women, reflecting major changes in their respective smoking practices; these rates also reflect the well-recognized and significant risks of passive smoking. Unquestionably, smoking has been and remains the single largest and most important cause of cancer. Particularly striking, however, has been the increase of predominantly non-smoking cancers, notably: malignant melanoma (156%); liver (104%); non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (87%); thyroid (71%); testis (67%); post-menopausal breast cancer (54%); brain cancer (28%); and acute myeloid leukemia (16%). Childhood cancers have increased 26% overall: acute lymphocytic leukemia (62%); brain (50%); bone and joint (40%); and kidney (14%). Childhood cancers remain their number one killer, other than accidents. The median age for the diagnosis of cancer is now 67 in adults and 6 in children.

GMO Food Linked to Cancer

Part of the problem with genetically engineered food, or GMOs, in the food system is that there aren't a whole lot of GMO studies investigating their safety. That reason alone has sparked dozens of health experts to call for a GMO ban or to at least require labeling of GMO ingredients.

But a new study published this week in the peer-reviewed journal Food and Chemical Toxicologydeals a major blow to biotech and chemical company giants. In a first-of-its-kind animal study, French researchers discovered that rats fed genetically engineered corn or exposed to the active ingredient in the weed killer Roundup over a long period died early, suffered mammary tumors, and also had kidney and liver damage. The GMO corn used in the study was Monsanto's NK603 seed, a variety created to live through heavy dousings of Roundup.

In the study, researchers fed rats GMO corn or gave them water laced with Roundup at levels allowed in the United States. Compared to the control group, exposed rats developed significantly more mammary tumors and suffered organ damage, and 20% of the males and 50% of females died early. Previous studies linked GMOs—which have been infiltrating the US food system since the 1990s—to allergies and digestive disease.

Surveys have shown that labeling GMOs earns broad bipartisan support among voters. Regardless of political party, about 90% of the population believes GMOs should be labeled. Currently, the only ways to know if your food is GMO- and pesticide-free is to buy organic food.

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  • 12 years treating cancer
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  • Dr. Brent Korn , D.O. is a board certified Internal Medicine specialist with current hospital privileges
  • Many clinics only use naturopathic Doctors
  • We utilize the latest in evidence based medicine with ongoing education and training to bring about the latest in cutting edge treatments
  • Physician follow ups and at home maintenance protocols after successful treatment is completed
  • Individualized , customized, treatment protocols from doctors who care
  • We offer treatments other clinics do not
  • We have a well trained caring friendly medical staff
  • We have some of the most competitive pricing in the industry
  • We offer financing
  • Most clinics in this field are only cash and carry
  • Superior detoxification programs
  • Superior supplements and products
  • BBB accredited with a five star rating
  • Located in beautiful family friendly Gilbert Arizona with an average of 296 days of sunshine each year
  • We offer the red carpet treatment for out of town patient accommodations
  • Located within minutes of shopping, restaurants, hotels and major freeways
  • A beautiful newly remodeled building
  • An at home family type comfortable atmosphere and feel
  • Special amenities such as cable television , a 55 inch big screen , a quiet room , brand new extra comfortable patient treatment chairs , and soothing himalayan salt lamps
  • We believe in the treatment of all three spheres of man, the physical, the mental, and the spiritual.

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