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Some of theTreatments Avaliable

IPT is a process used in treating some types of cancer and scleroderma. The process takes 2-3 hours.

Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation - UVBI This treatment is used for bacterial and viral diseases also some types of cancer respond well.

Medical Ozone, this treatment is for cancer, bacterial, viral, fungus or yeast.
There is also great response to the wound healing affects for certain gamma levels of ozone. There is a special ozone room used for this treatment.

Biomeridian is a machine that is FDA approved and tests acupuncture points. If there is anything in your body out of balance this machine will tell you what Homeopathic remedy or nutrient your body is needing. The machine also tests for allergies.

Amino Acid IV, Mineral IV, NAC and Glutathione IV, these are special IV therapies added to individual care plans.

IV Antibiotics are used for the treatment of Lyme disease along with oral and homeopathic remedies. As bacteria die off toxins are released and detoxification is a necessary part of the care plan.

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